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About 1167

The name 1167 refers to the year in which the Republic of Venice became the earliest modern state to begin borrowing from its citizens in a formal manner, via the mechanism of a forced loan.


Over time, such sovereign borrowing became a hallmark of the most economically advanced nations, and the most important means of affording their citizens a share in their prosperity.


The Venetian forced loan of 1167 was the ancestor of today’s global government bond markets.




Today, government bonds are more important than ever to investors all over the world as a means of meeting their financial needs and aspirations.


Thankfully, however, citizens are no longer forced to lend only to their own governments:
they can choose to invest their savings in bonds issued by an unprecedented range of Developed and Emerging Market countries.


The mission of 1167 Capital is to help them do so.




About the Team

CEO & Founding Partner

Matthew Sethard-Wright joined 1167 Capital as a founding Partner at its inception in 2016.  Matthew began his career at Baring Asset Management in 1990, where he gained extensive experience of fund operations, dealing, and distribution, before being appointed Head of European Sales in 1995.

In 2000, Matthew joined Thames River Capital as European Sales Manager, subsequently becoming Deputy Head and ultimately Head of Sales.  At Thames River Capital, Matthew was instrumental not only in launching many of the firm’s single-manager funds, across a wide variety of asset classes, but also in raising the firm’s assets under management to a total of nearly US$13 billion at their peak.

Fund Manager & Founding Partner

Michael Mabbutt, one of the world’s most experienced emerging market fixed income fund managers, joined 1167 Capital as a founding Partner in 2016.  Michael began his career with Norwich Union in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1986, where he was the Fixed Income Manager in charge of fixed income and cash portfolios.

Fund Manager & Founding Partner

Felix Martin joined 1167 Capital as a founding Partner in 2016.  Felix began his career as an Economist at the World Bank in Washington, DC in 1998. Between 1998 and 2008, he spent two spells at the Bank, working mostly on sovereign lending programmes and debt restructuring in Eastern Europe, in close co-operation…

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Denny joined 1167 Capital at its inception in 2016.  Mark began his career at Baring Asset Management in 1993. See more

Head of Investment Operations

Joe Allen joined 1167 Capital in early 2018.  Joe began his career at Framlington Asset Management in 1999.

In 2002, he joined Baring Asset Management as a Fund Administrator. See more

Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Toby Hampden-Acton joined 1167 Capital at its inception in 2016.  Toby began his career in the 1980s as a trader in the metals, commodities and financial derivatives markets. See more

Forthcoming Events

The View from 1167

Quarterly Webcast “The quarterly Webcast series is designed to give you regular insight into what fund managers: Michael and Felix are thinking in relation to global sovereign bond and currency markets.  It will not focus on our Funds, but instead offer a forum to share our latest strategic analysis with you - and provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have directly to the PMs, or indeed myself… These webcasts will be great for analysts, portfolio managers, and prospective investors alike, who may wish to benefit from our insights into this asset class that we are researching day in and day out.” Click here to Register

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